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April 2008: Volume 4 (1)



Regular Papers

Mobile user behavior and attitudes during story-based kanji learning
Norman Lin, Shoji Kajita, & Kenji Mase
(pp. 3-18)
[Abstract] [Full PDF]

Increasing student participation in English vocabulary classes by providing time flexibility in accomplishing exercises
Putu Suarcaya
(pp. 19-29)
[Abstract] [Full PDF]


Publishing L2 learners' writing on sites with user-generated content: Analyzing the potential audience
Caleb Prichard
(pp. 30-39)
[Abstract] [Full PDF]

Investigating the use of social networking services in Japanese EFL classrooms
Keita Kikuchi & Toru Otsuka
(pp. 40-52)
[Abstract] [Full PDF]

Selected papers: Kochi University of Technology's Web 2.0 Workshop

Integration of Moodle Course Management System (CMS) into an EFL writing class
Charles E. Robertson
(pp. 53-59)
[Abstract] [Full PDF]

Effective implementation of interactive podcasting for the Web 2.0 generation
Michael Vallance & Yukiko Shibata
(pp. 60-74)
[Abstract] [Full PDF]

Digital video in the language classroom
Mark Shrosbree
(pp. 75-84)
[Abstract] [Full PDF]

Moodle in the writing lab: Foregrounding task design as topic in instructor-learner exchange
Lawrie Hunter
(pp. 85-92)
[Abstract] [Full PDF]

Designing CMS modules to support language learning
Paul Daniels
(pp. 93-104)
[Abstract] [Full PDF]

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