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December 2007: Volume 3 (3)



Regular Papers

The viability of computer-assisted classroom discussion (CACD) as a facilitator of communicative interaction
Basim Alahmadi
(pp. 3-32)
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Independent research project with web-derived corpora for language learning
Yoko Hirata & Yoshihiro Hirata
(pp. 33-48)
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]

Pragmatics of email communication between Saudi female students and male professors
Dogan Bulut & Ghaleb Rabab'ah
(pp. 49-72)
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]


Development and evaluation of an online handwritten feedback-giving support system in learning Japanese writing
Kai Li & Kanji Akahori

(pp. 73-84)
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]

Is computer-assisted language learning efficient for grammar learning? An experimental study in French as a second language
Florence Chenu, Frederique Gayraud, Bruno Martinie, & Wu Tong
(pp. 85-93)
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]

Integrating e-learning in all English classes: Success at the half-way point of a five-year project
James W. Pagel & David W. Reedy
(pp. 94-109)
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]

Practical PowerPoint group projects for the EFL classroom
Matthew Apple & Keita Kikuchi
(pp. 110-122)
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]


Networking... netplaying: From a New York minute to a Mixi second
Joseph Dias

(p. 123-124)
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