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April-August 2007: Volume 3 (1 & 2)



Regular Papers

Computer-assisted pronunciation instruction as an effective means for teaching stress
Ali Farhan AbuSeileek
[Full PDF]

Story-based CALL for Japanese kanji characters: A study on student learning motivation
Norman Lin, Shoji Kajita & Kenji Mase
[Full PDF]

Think-aloud protocol on dictionary use by advanced learners of Japanese
Yoshiko Okuyama & Hiroko Igarashi
[Full PDF]

The effect of computer-based grammar instruction on the acquisition of verb tenses in an EFL context
Ali Farhan AbuSeileek & Ghaleb A. Rabab'ah
[Full PDF]

Changing tutor roles in online tutorial support for open distance learning through audio-graphic SCMC
Fernando Rosell-Aguilar
[Full PDF]


Chat as a follow-up to timed conversations: An integrated approach
Sharif Mebed
[Full PDF]

Practical PowerPoint group projects for the EFL classroom
Matthew Apple & Keita Kikuchi
[Full PDF]

Creating a student-generated glossary in Moodle: How is it done and how effective is it?
Iain Stanley
[Full PDF]

Video tutorials: Camtasia in the ESL classroom
Nicolas Gromik
[Full PDF]


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