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Single-page, multiple-view web pages for reading ease


Japanese universities often assign students who fail a course to separate, repeaters’ classes. At times, enrollment in such classes can balloon out of control, making the creation of a suitable syllabus quite difficult. Sheer numbers provide one difficulty, but the ranges of abilities as well as the lack of motivation compound this difficulty. One solution is to make the class a workshop, with the teacher creating assignments that the students complete at their own pace. If the university has a wireless LAN (local area network), the teacher can offer the assignments in the form of Web pages. Students can then log on, complete the assignments, and submit them by e-mail. This was the reasoning behind the writer’s repeaters’ classes. This paper reports on one problem that immediately arose from this plan and three solutions. Readers are offered the opportunity to download and try the solution for their own classes. The experience I relate also illustrates the utility of knowing basic Web page construction.


Petersen, S. (2006). Single-page, multiple-view web pages for reading ease. The JALT CALL Journal, 2(3), 53-60. https://doi.org/10.29140/jaltcall.v2n3.32