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Using CALL as the major element of study for a university English class in Japan


The purpose of this study was to see if using CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) as the major element in a university language laboratory setting for Japanese students with English as the targeted language would improve their English language skills. Three classes with a total of 140 students were selected for final data review. Using the DynEd software system, parameters of at least 36 hours in the CALL lab with an additional 2 to 3 hours of outside of class-work was established in order for students to achieve advancing a minimum of two levels (4 modules). For advancement to the next level, a mastery test score of 80% or better was needed. DynEd software’s Records Management System (RMS) was then used in the data analysis. At the end of the 12-week session, the authors analyzed total time studied, average score of the Mastery Tests for each module, average increase in module level, and change in scores on a Pre-Course and Post-Course Placement test. Data results confirmed the usage of CALL as a major tool to improve the overall English abilities of the students in a controlled classroom setting.


Bingham, S., & Larson, E. (2006). Using CALL as the major element of study for a university English class in Japan. The JALT CALL Journal, 2(3), 39-52. https://doi.org/10.29140/jaltcall.v2n3.31