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Learning through watching: Streaming video in L2 English


This study considers the practicality of streaming video for use in L2 language education. It begins with a review of literature on the use of video within language learning, asserting that video has four main benefits for learners: (1) authentic language; (2) verbal language features; (3) paralinguistic features; (4) motivational appeal. Next, the study supplies critiques of video as a learning tool which are critically interpreted in light of the affordances of streaming video’s digital format. Through a brief chronology of the use of video technologies in the classroom, this study contends that streaming video proffers advantages not presented by earlier physical technologies. In order to highlight the value of streaming video to L2 education, benefits and problems are explained and the Movieclips.com website (www.movieclips.com) is outlined as an example of a streaming video platform that may be utilised within L2 English teaching.


Magasic, M. (2017). Learning through watching: Streaming video in L2 English. The JALT CALL Journal, 13(3), 199-209. https://doi.org/10.29140/jaltcall.v13n3.219