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Blended learning spaces: Synchronous blending


Discussions of blended learning (BL) have generally failed to account for the synchronous combination of computer-mediated and face-to-face interactions that can occur within a blended learning space (BLS). is paper provides an overview of BLS use by a department of teachers at a Japanese university specializing in foreign language learning. Data was collected via a teacher questionnaire (n = , response rate = %) and follow-up interviews. Compared to non-BLS lessons, BLS lessons had different lesson goals, different patterns of interaction, different types of homework, more variety of media, and more variety of input and output. BLS lessons also showed signs of increased learner autonomy and motivation.


MacKenzie, D., Promnitz-Hayashi, L., Jenks, D., Geluso, J., Delgado, R., Castellano, J., & Hinkelman, D. (2011). Blended learning spaces: Synchronous blending. The JALT CALL Journal, 7(1), 43-60. https://doi.org/10.29140/jaltcall.v7n1.107